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In today’s modern world we need to commit more than ever to supporting our health and wellbeing. From consuming beautiful nourishing whole foods, drinking filtered water, movement, committing to our inner work and mental wellbeing, spirituality, plus flourishing in our businesses or career, motherhood, relationships and home life, there seems to be a never-ending list of things to do. And more often than not something has to give, and it is usually ourselves and our health which is the building block, the foundation, to our entire world.

But what if there was a way we could put us first, nourish our body religiously, honour our inner world and work smarter rather than harder? A way we could thrive in our health and wellbeing, feel more alive and energised and tap into our intuition and higher level self so that we can once again dream big and create a life by design, not default.

Imagine a safe space where you are supported, where you can be your authentic self and utilise daily rituals, mindset shifts, inner work tools and organisation to create the foundation for you to live within the flow and magic of life, not against it.

THE intuitive wellness program 


designed for the modern woman

How Does it Work?


We have 3 key products. Vine ripened fruit, vegetable and berry capsules, plant based omegas and complete whole food protein powder, all developed to help bridge the gap between what we need nutritionally each day and what we do actually have, especially in our modern world. Because we are busy and with soil depletion, environmental toxins, lack of variety in diets, stress and many other factors, life and our ability to eat the way we truly want has changed. And we all know that nourishing our bodies is the foundational building block to great health.

First we start by choosing a package for you to begin the ultimate health overhaul at a cellular level. Our nutritional support products by Juice Plus are of the highest quality nutritionally, align with our values and are backed by gold star peer reviewed science to assist with healthy gums, cardiovascular wellness, a healthy immune system, protecting DNA from oxidative stress, increasing key antioxidants in your blood stream and improving skin health.


Alongside our products we run our program the Wellness Co for FREE for our customers. Think done for you daily rituals, becoming a master of your calendar so that you can start enjoying more of your life, clinical nutritionist approved clean eating recipes that are not only delicious but easy to prepare, vision and goal setting, all things manifestation, flow living, speciality health programs (hello gut health and balancing your hormones!), movement, human design, cyclical living, astrology, interiors, crystals, financial wellness, inner healing modalities, meditations, mindset, conscious parenting, skin health and so, much, more.


Our program is all about whole health. Sustainable long-term results for the mind, body and soul. We want you to feel excited about putting you first again and nourishing all those parts of you needed to help you thrive in life. Some of the most common feedback we receive from our members is that they have more energy and vitality, their skin is glowing and they feel excited again about their health and wellness and how simple it can really be.

When you focus on getting back to basics with eating, moving your body in ways that make you feel good, adopting a positive mindset and really learning to tap in and listen to your intuition and GPS, healing can take place on so many levels.

The most common results we have in the Wellness Co. include:

Feeling more in flow
Greater understanding of the different modalities of whole health
Better understanding of spirituality and daily practices
Feeling more on purpose in life
Better organisation skills
Greater understanding of yourself and your inner world
Increased vitality
Better digestion
Spiritual growth
Understanding of healing modalities

Better immunity
Boosted metabolism
Better quality sleep
Feeling less stressed
Less brain fog
Glowing and radiant skin
Increased cravings for whole food
Decreased sugar cravings
Healthier and stronger skin and nails
Weight loss
Feeling stronger and fitter

You’ll also have my 1:1 support throughout your journey on how to implement your new daily rituals into your life! You can chat to me on the phone, by text or voxer, whichever works best for you.

Because my mission is to help put you first so that you can save time, gain more clarity and energy and quantum leap to the life of your dreams without the burnout!

Giving Back


We also have our charity Nutrition Plus who’s purpose is to build healthy futures with Indigenous and other disadvantaged children through school programs, funding for fruit, vegetable and bush tucker gardens, healthy food education, gifting of our products and encouraging increased consumption of fruits and vegetables through education plus small grants.  

The first is our Family Health Study which allows each person who purchases our fruit, vegetable and berry capsules to sponsor a child for FREE (between the ages of 4 to 18) for up to 4 years with either our fruit and vegetable chewables or our fruit and vegetable capsules. Terms and conditions do apply and the adult order must be active for the term of the free supply.

Giving back is close to our heart and we get to do this in two ways through the Wellness Co. 

empowering you to put you first

This is all about you






Now that you've made your selection


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